Agriculture Day

Bainesse School Agricultural /Pet Day is due to be held on

25 October 

Please note the only animals involved in Ag Day this year will be lambs and calves

due to the issue of Mycoplasma bovis.

To be eligible for pet day, children can bring a lamb or calf that is born

between 1st July - 15th September this year.

Look out for more information in the School Newsletters leading up to Pet Day

Ag Day 2018 was an absolutely splendid event with children taking part with a calf, lamb or pet.  The school and community continue to make this event one to remember and the day was a buzz with family and the wider community enjoying the efforts of the students.


The students will create indoor exhibits at school, which will be on display in the students respective classrooms on Ag Day. 


This wonderful event is full of tradition and the school aims to improve each year so loves any feedback from the families and wider community.

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