Bainesse School Annual Production

Bainesse School holds an annual production at the end of Term 3 which highlights our students talents in art, music, dance and drama.  

 This is a whole school production, enabling our students to participate in exciting performing arts opportunities.  The production gives serious attention to the Arts curriculum and is a well loved event. 

These productions involve a great deal of work by our students and staff and are hugely enjoyed by the school community.


Our school embraces the arts, whether it be drama, music, or creative arts. We have many talented pupils in various different areas of art. 

This night is a show case of all the arts, including:

  • ·        Music is a highlight with performances by individual students and by the whole school. 
  • ·        Demonstrations of drama by both senior and junior students.
  •  .       Art works created by the children on display.
  • ·        Kapa Haka performances by the whole school


Here are a few examples of what wonderful art our pupils produce.

Some of our wonderful art work.