To provide educational, social, cultural, sporting, EOTC opportunities and competitions within the

Te Kawau group, the wider Manawatu and Nationally:

  • Educational:

-          Mathex, Manawatu Science Fair

-          Te Manawa/other museum visits

-          Cluster Speech Competition

-          Visiting Experts and Educational Groups

  • EOTC:

-          Trips related to Inquiry Topic

-          Bainesse Annual EOTC Trips: Ski and Camp

  • Sport:

-          2013 Cluster events and competitions

-          Small School events and competitions

-          Bainesse: Swimming Sports, Triathlon and Cross Country

-          Weetbix Tryathlon

-          Visiting Manawatu Sports Groups

-          Te Kawau and Manawatu afterschool and weekend sports

  • Cultural:

-          Cluster Jump Jam Competition

-          Visiting group performances when available

-          Te Reo and Kapa Haka

-          Marae Study and Stay Over

  • Holistic Education:

-          Positive learning experience outside of/and linked to Reading, Writing and Mathematics

-          Building Confidence and Positivity

-          Engage students through Rural Science, Sport, Arts