To promote the rural school family atmosphere and traditional RURAL + values so Bainesse is the school of choice:

  • Developing our sense of community:

-          BBQ/Pool Party

-          School and Te Kawau Sporting Events

-          Annual Agricultural Day

-          “Beautification Day” and “All Hands on Deck Day”

-          Hillside Re-development palnting

-          Meet and Greet

-          FOS activities supported

-          Major Fundraisers: Firewood, Hangi, Quiz Night

-          Te Kawau Cluster competitions

-          Centenary: 27/28 April

  • Celebrating success and school promotion:

-          RURAL + on fence

-          2013 Information Booklet and Foyer Display

-          Signs on bus

-          School and student success/achievement in local media

-          School Newsletter = fortnightly/Community Newsletter = 2 x per year

-          Establish new website and continue Facebook promotion

-          Word of mouth: “Bainesse is the school of choice”

-          Hosted Te Kawau Events: Tabloid Sports – Year 0 to 2 and Cross Country

  • Teaching and Learning Programmes:

-          RURAL + values: unpacked and embedded one per term

-          Bainesse School Motto and Vision

-          Rural Science On-going Inquiry: Gardens, Chickens, Compost, Worm Farm, Hillside Development Project and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle developed so it is the “Bainesse Way”

-          Agricultural Day implemented into Term 3 and 4 Specialisation Programme

-          EOTC Programmes: Annual Ski Trip, Annual End of Year Camp

-          Visiting other schools to compete, perform or present