For all students to show progress in literacy and numeracy achievement within teaching and learning programmes:

  • Formative assessment practices:

-          All students knowing where they are and where to next

-          Learning Intentions displayed in classrooms

  • Regular moderation in writing:

-          Between Junior Room and Senior Room

-          Develop this process to between schools

  • Individual programmes for identified needs:

-          Joy Allcock Spelling Programme

-          Reading Recovery

-          Investigate new and alternative programmes

  • Development of one school wide vocabulary:

-          “To be a learner you need to look like a learner”

-          Change from “Working” to ”Learning”

-          RURAL + values

  • Professional Development: school, cluster and individual:

-          Reading/Writing/Mathematics

-          Science

-          ICT

  • Teaching as Inquiry:

-          Performance Management: Bainesse Appraisal Document

-          Embed self review

-          Target Groups: Maori/Pacifica/Special Needs

  • Curriculum Review:

-          Bainesse School Curriculum Plan

-          Data Analysis

-          Implementing Change