Much more than a school, Bainesse is hidden in the rural landscape of sand hills. A perfect location for a unique, '21st Century Learning Hub' where community is a central theme alongside hard work and innovation. This fabulous country school has stood the test of time with resilience being a key value.

The  RURAL+ Values which were developed in 2012 by the community  are on display in the foyer.  They are practiced as a part of the lifelong learning vision. It may be a small school however it is rich with tradition and opportunity and commonly known for the kindness, acceptance, inclusion and support it offers to all. 

Using the local environment students are challenged inside and outside of the classrooms with reading, writing, mathematics and science as the key learning areas. The school structure has a unique set up and inside is anything but 'old school', with excellent teaching and learning, differentiated learning, small class sizes and ultra-fast broadband.


It's worth a visit up the hill to see how diverse the curriculum is within the walls of this very special place.

Two of our wonderful assets that many schools have done away with are 

our Library and our School Swimming Pool.


We are very fortunate to have a well-equipped and extensive range of fiction and non-fiction books, to appeal to all reading levels and tastes in our cosy library.

We have frequently purchase new books, some of them classics and others new releases.  All children at our school get opportunities to borrow books and to use them in class time for reference when doing research on classroom topics.

Some of our great books. 

Also we still have a lovely school pool which is used by the children every day.  Every child has swimming lessons in school time, and private lessons by a qualified instructor are available after school.  

The pool is also used by the community, (keys can be hired at the office.) 

Our pool is also used for our triathlon and training for the Weetbix Tryathlon..


     Our school is known as “The School with the Slide,” 

        ........ how could anybody resist a play on this?

Our Awesome Slide

                        RURAL EXCELLENCE, RURAL PRIDE, RURAL +