Bainesse School is the fourth school I have the honour to lead, and it is certainly 'right up there' with the best in my opinion.  Our school offers excellent learning, sporting and cultural opportunities, and makes a point of looking for avenues to ensure each student has their interests and abilities met.

I have found out very quickly that the staff here are all dedicated individuals, who will 'go the extra mile' to ensure our students are given the best possible chance to sample learning in contexts that make learning as realistic and stimulating as possible.  They are also prepared to do a lot of extra work outside of school hours to support our students to the fullest extent.

Our Board of Trustees has a 'fresh' and vibrant look about it as new Trustees have joined forces with our experienced individuals to ensure that our Board remains the proactive force behind our school.  I look forward to working with our Board as we guide Bainesse School towards what will be a very bright future.

The defining factor in what sets our school apart from others is definitely our students.  They are 'top notch' in every respect!  Their behaviour is brilliant, the manner in which they support each other has to be seen to be believed, and the way they give 110% in the classroom and on the sports fields makes our staff and I very proud on a daily basis.

This is a school that your children will thrive in, will be safe in, and one that your children will love being part of.

Come join with us in growing your child's personal and educational strengths!