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Many opportunities offered

Our school offers a wide range of opportunities and events through the year to ensure we are meeting the needs and strengths of our students.  Some of the main events on our school calendar include;

Term 1 - Top Schools Event, Whole School Camp, Swimming Sports

Term 2 - Cross Country Events, Matariki Festival, Tough Kids

Term 3 - Production, Soccer Tournament

Term 4 - Athletics, Agricultural Day,  End of year excursions, Prize-giving

These are only the usual annual events, as there are multiple other events that are included during differing years as they arise. 

As you can see from the overview above, that there is normally a physical education orientated event on a termly basis.  Entwined with this are events that personify our school.  Being a rural school, a lot of work is put into preparing for our Agricultural Day with a good sized number of students bringing lambs, calves and event goats to this event.

The Arts are also seen as important and as such for the last four years we have run a production every year.

Tikanga and Te Reo are celebrated constantly throughout the year with a Matariki presentation being held along with a number of Kapa Haka items on show at other school events throughout the year.

Every student attends our whole school camp which we run during Term One and we find this really sets our students up for a cohesive year.

Tough Kids
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